Taeke Reijenga

Taeke Reijenga

I’m now able to spend time working on Level Level instead of in Level Level.


  • Cooking
  • Giving advice in high-end custom WordPress solutions 

End boss

After a bachelors degree in International Hospitality Management and a Masters Degree in Ecotourism I have to admit that hobby won from education. In 2006 Level Level was founded. Now, 11 years later I feel proud when I look back and realize where it all started. What started as a small company working on simple websites grew into a serious business with amazing clients.

Over the past eleven years my role obviously changed. About ten years ago I often had to work nights when I had sold something of which I had no clue how to create it. Now I’m blessed with an amazing team that does not allow me to touch a single line of code anymore.

“I’m still the face of the company but nowadays I am also able to spend time working on Level Level instead of in Level Level. That doesn’t mean that I’m not involved in the day to day business; if you’re lucky I might even answer your support-ticket personally :-).”

Taeke Reijenga
Taeke Reijenga

What makes me happy…

I try to enjoy life to the max but I really enjoy and appreciate the time I can spend in Spain. Besides a great climate life seems to have another rhythm over there. It is great to be able to enjoy a Vermut or Cerveza with a tapa in one of the many bars after day of work.

Besides traveling I can say food is a passion of mine. Whether it is this small tapa at a bar or a five course dinner; I simply love good food. During the weekend I love spending time at local markets before getting into the kitchen.

Photo of Taeke dressed as Superman

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