Accessible websites increase reach, boost SEO results & can be legally required.

Digital accessibility. It’s becoming more widely known. At Level Level, we firmly believe every single person should be able to use a website, platform or online service quickly and easily. No matter the device they use.

A desktop, phone, but also for instance devices or software that help people with restrictions. Such as for instance screen readers and voice operated software. Whether it is required by law or not.  In some countries web accessibility is legally enforced. With legal consequences if your website does not comply with the set standards.

Did you know that ensuring easy access for people with restrictions could increase your target market with up to 20%? Moreover, you’ll help Google, and other search engines, to better index your site. So that you will get rewarded with better positions in the search results. And you are prepared for legislation that has an increasing impact on website owners worldwide.

How can we help you make your website more accessible?

Give us 15-20 minutes of your time and we’ll perform a quick scan on your site. We’ll share some best practises and help you prioritize next steps.

A digital accessible website increases your reach

According to the Agency for Social and Cultural Planning, The Netherlands hosts more than a million people with a moderate to severe mobility restrictions, a little less than a million people with a moderate to severe visual restrictions and. Additionally, there’s a group of people with cognitive and learning disabilities, such as autism and ADD. Lastly, some people struggle because of low literacy or because the primary language of your website or platform is not their primary language. Many people who belong to any of of those groups will have trouble navigating websites or understanding content. Once your website is accessible, you’ll facilitate this group, commonly estimated at about 20% of our population, to do business with you, too. And chances are, the news about your now accessible website, will spread like wildfire.

“When it comes to web accessibility, we tend to focus on people with clearly visible disabilities. Many more benefit from an accessible website, though. Senior citizens, for instance, get difficulty reading smaller fonts at some point. Moreover, understanding long, complicated copy in a noisy setting is tricky for almost everyone.”

Rian Rietveld, accessibility consultant with Level Level
Rian Rietveld
Senior Accessibility Consultant Level Level

Search engines favor accessible websites

Google became market leader because they offered the most relevant search results. As a result, users reach their goals and solve their problems more quickly and easily. But did you know Google’s search bots are deaf and blind, as well?

So, if your disabled or restricted users are able to:

  • Find the information they need;
  • Easily understand the content;
  • Accomplish their goals (such as making a purchase, place an order, asking for help);
  • No matter the device they use;

You may safely assume Google is able to analyze and index your site. Are your users happy to an extent that they visit more pages on your site and stay longer on your site than on similar sites? Google will reward you with higher positions in the search results. Is your site not as user friendly? In that case Google rather gives priority to a site that has their matters in order. Are you hoping to attract more organic search traffic? You better not ignore web accessibility.

Web accessibility may be legally enforceable in the future

In some countries it already is. Like for instance Japan and Norway. With severe consequences if you don’t comply. In The Netherlands, all government directed websites need to comply by 2020. Legal requirements for business websites may be introduced in the future. Don’t get caught by surprise.

Make sure you’re aware where your site stands now. You’re not expected to have it all fixed by tomorrow. Does your site need a huge accessibility overhaul? Plan to include meeting international standards when your website is due for a redesign.

For us, an accessible website is the norm, not an add-on service

Have you ever felt excluded? For whatever reason? We think that’s not ok. Reason enough to make accessibility part of our standard workflows.

Accessible sites:

  • Use only those colors that the majority of people is able to distinguish.
  • Make sure that icons are accompanied with a description.
  • Publish content that is easy to scan and easy to understand.
  • Are easy to navigate using a keyboard, screen reader and speech operated software.
  • And so much more…

We are one of the few digital agencies in The Netherlands that employ a full time accessibility consultant. She keeps everyone in our team accountable to web accessibility. Moreover, she hosts training sessions and workshops in our Level Level Academy.

How accessible is your website currently?

Give us 15-20 minutes of your time and we’ll perform a quick scan, share some best practises and help you prioritize next steps.

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