Caitlin de Rooij

Caitlin de Rooij

Contributing to web accessibility, with code as well as advice!


  • Cat whisperer
  • Making magic with PHP
  • Headbangen

Why Level Level?

What particularly appealed to me at Level Level is that the company is committed to making the internet open and accessible to anyone. I think this is an important core value and I’d like to contribute to it! Furthermore, I have great colleagues who – aside from their obvious love for the field of work – are just plain fun to be around.

What do you do at Level Level?

At first, I joined up as an intern. During my internship I learned many things and broadened my knowledge, taking tidbits from every department. But I deep-dived into back-end development. I also wrote my thesis at Level Level, regarding digital accessibility. After graduating I started working as a back-end developer, but I also started training under the experienced Rian Rietveld to become an Accessibility Consultant.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to go to concerts. Also I listen to music almost all the time. Other days I have fun on my PS5 and to play board games with my friends. I’m not against a crazy horror or sci-fi movie, or secretly a rom-com. I call myself a hobby-hopper. I switch up my hobbies pretty frequently. Like: 3d-printing, painting, reading, geo-caching and lots more!

The rest of my spare time goes to my three cats and my life mission: petting every cat I come across!

Caitlin with Chewbakka at a conference

What do you like so much about this field of expertise?

You always have different activities to do, no two days are the same. Also there are always new techniques of developments in our profession, which makes the work challenging. I guess, what I like most is that there is always something new to learn!

Tell us more about your plans and ambitions!

We are ready to take on your online challenge.