Andrée Lange

Andrée Lange

I love solving complex problems with good UX and design.

Areas of expertise


  • Having an eye for detail
  • Generating ideas quickly
  • Cat whisperer

What are you doing at Level Level?

Together with the team at Level Level I work on beautiful WordPress websites. I translate the wishes of the client to a good-looking, user-friendly product that really connects with the end user.

What does appeal to you in your field of activity?

As a designer the possibilities are often endless. Solving complex problems by good UX / design whereupon someone uses the product that you designed, it’s pretty cool right?

Were you always this creative?

Back in the days I always had an excessive interest for computers but I never realised that I could do something with this interest. At high school you had Computer Sciences as a subject, but it was really technical and I always thought it wasn’t the thing for me. Eventually I started with a study on Commercial Economics, but halfway through the year I realised that I wanted to do something more creative. I ended up at the study Communication & Multimedia Design, which I attended and completed at the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Eventually I am really happy that this is the road I have followed. It made me realise that I really need creativity in my life!

Andrée Lange
Digital Designer

What makes you happy?

Long distance travels to warm destinations (Asia in particular at the moment), my two cats Chloé & Lola, terrace weather, going to (techno) festivals and especially to see Stephan Bodzin (DJ), new tech gadgets…

Photo of Andrée posing with sunglass

What have you always wanted to do?

I always said that if I wasn’t a designer I would have my own cat café. But then it would be fun to also design some merchandise like shirts, cards… (the designer in me still takes the upper hand, right 😉 )

Tell us more about your plans and ambitions!

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