Project management

Project management

Keeping you up to date and involved in the process by communicating clearly.

Our project managers ensure your website will be launched in time

Every website that has to be designed and developed comes with its own challenges. To ensure that, whatever challenge we need to overcome, a website will be launched on time, our project managers fulfill an important role.

“Using an agile project methodology, we'll combine your knowledge of the market and your target audience with our knowledge of online. This regularly leads to resourceful concepts and solutions.”

Merel Janssen Project Manger Level Level
Merel Janssen
Project Manager

An agile approach to the waterfall project methodology

Agile project methodologies are more likely to lead to innovation. Waterfall methods give more control over allotments of time and funds. We have learned that most of our clients benefit from a hybrid approach, where in some cases agile takes the lead, and in other cases we lean more towards the waterfall approach. As a result, our clients benefit from the flexibility needed for innovation, while also knowing where we stand. Every step of the way.

More specifically, this means that we expect a more active involvement of our clients than they may have been used to in the past. The products key stakeholder will assume the role of Product Owner. For optimal results, this person needs to be highly available and needs to have the authority to decide and prioritize.  Apart from weekly delivery moments, we will be touching base regularly.

In cases where we feel it suits our client and benefits the project, we'll propose using Scrum project methodology.

Project management tools help us both to keep on track

Crystal clear communication is of utmost importance. To bring you optimal results, project teams need to include a variety of disciplines and personalities. And therefore different responsibilities, working methods and interests. To communicate transparently, and keep track of tasks, we use the project management tool Asana. This tool allows us to share documents, appointments and experiences, but also assign tasks and deadlines. This helps us to stay on schedule, and helps you to keep an eye on our progress.

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