Project management

Project management

Because we fully understand that you’d like to be kept in the loop and know if we’re still on schedule.

Our project managers keep you involved and up to speed. All the time.

Our project managers will guide you from strategy and concept to a rewarding launch. With a result: a successful platform or application with an intuitive design and a sustainable codebase.

We know what’s needed to bring a project from launch to completion. And how to stay within the agreed budget and timeline. Our experienced project managers know how to put ourselves in other people’s positions. We genuinely care and contribute in an active and pragmatic way. Moreover, we’re always in control and keep an overview.   

Communication is key

We keep communication clear and straightforward. We monitor progress while keeping the end goal in mind. We’re flexible whenever possible and strict if needed. And besides that, we keep you involved at every step on the way. 

That’s how we maintain traction while allowing room for flexibility and for implementing lessons learned. Over the years, we have discovered that this is the way to accomplish the best results.

“At the start of a project, we don’t know what the deliverables are going to be. We like to combine your knowledge of the market and target audience with our expertise in the field of online. This way we often come to inventive concepts and solutions! From an idea to a product that we all proudly support; that is a very cool process I love to guide.”

Merel Janssen Project Manger Level Level
Merel Janssen
Project Manager

From Scrum to the waterfall approach: we’ll bring you ahead of the game!

We love to work ‘agile’, and when suitable we use the Scrum project methodology. But we are also happy with a project that is more linear and uses the waterfall method. Depending on the type of project and the client, we work with the most appropriate methodology. Should if we go for Scrum, our certified Scrum Master will guide your team and ours smoothly through all sprints.

Whatever method we ultimately use, we expect you to take an active role. Collaboration can make or break a project!

“I enjoy using an agile approach to support a multi-disciplinary team in making ideas more tangible and projects implemented”

Christien van de Sande
Project manager Level Level

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