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The websites Z24.nl. previously developed by Level Level, continues as the Dutch edition of Business Insider. Fast, realtime and social, just like it’s content.

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Business Insider, the biggest business news website in the world, has now been launched in the Netherlands. Business news website Z24 now continues as the Dutch edition of Business Insider. With 100 million unique visitors per month, Business Insider is the world’s leading business news website.

Together the Dutch editors and a team from Business Insider USA, we have developed the a responsive WordPress platform for the Dutch edition of Business Insider. Fast, real-time and social. Month after month adjustments and optimizations are being made. Let’s talk to Managing Editor Arend van den Berg about the realization of businessinsider.nl

“Business news, not as a burden, but as a pleasure”

“Just like on Z24.nl we bring business news in a remarkable and intelligent way for today’s entrepreneurs and managers. With Business Insider Netherlands we will expand on that. Relevant content to the max. Brief updates and visual enrichment makes news more accessible. The editorial staff is being expanded with different ways of reporting from Business Insider. The categories of business, technology and finance have now been extended with politics and lifestyle” according to Arend van den Berg.

Niels de Blaauw

We have developed a clever API that imports the articles from Business Insider UK andBusiness Insider USA in the WordPress backend. Associated media files and embeds are imported and updated on the fly. Updates from the feed will overwrite imported articles as long as they have not been edited by the Dutch editorial staff. Besides the International API the API connection with ANP that we developed for Z24.nl remains active.

Business Insider International

Besides Dutch content the site now offers an international news flow from Business Insider in English.

“Business Insider had a large audience in the Netherlands already. There is a large group of entrepreneurs and executives in the Netherlands who read international media. Now we bring the international content together with Dutch content from our content editors. All enrichments such as images, social media embeds come along. This is perfect for our editors when we decide to publish a certain English article in Dutch too. It’s a matter of translating, optimizing and publishing.”

Arend van den Berg
Managing Editor at Business Insider Nederland

I was surprised by the short timeframe and smooth collaboration between Level Level and the American developers. This is what I call a successful partnership. You don’t often see a cooperation work this well without pointing fingers. I have received compliments from Business Insider America on your skills and dedication. It was nice to see that everyone had the same goal and level of ambition!

International cooperation

Business Insider Inc., and Z24 had been in contact for years. Contact intensified after Z24 introduced finanzen.nl in the Netherlands, the Dutch version of the German investors website finanzen.net. Business Insider and finanzen.net are both trademarks of Axel Springer SE, Europe’s leading digital publisher. The publisher Axel Springer bought Business Insider last year for 306 million euros. This was the largest acquisition of a news website ever. The partnership for the Dutch edition was a natural progression for both parties.

Arend van den Berg: “Business Insider has become the largest online business platform in the world. Business Insider is a strong and dynamic brand that fits in this time. Z24 can now piggyback on the rapid growth and strengthen its leading position in the Dutch business market. We are proud to operate under the wings of this great brand and are eager to show that we’re really different from all other platforms.” Business Insider Netherlands expects to reach one million unique visitors per month in April this year.

Marco Boekestijn

We have expanded the usability of the WordPress backend for its editors. The Content Dashboard for example; the entire homepage can be (re-)arranged from a simple overview. Consider the sequence of messages, positions of ads, related feeds and widgets.

Clever ways of advertising

“With Business Insider we show our advertises how to deal with advertising in a clever way. Advertisers are encouraged to make use of BI studios, our own department for Content Marketing”. Arend explains: “This is the core of our business model. We help advertisers from idea, creation to distribution of branded content with an journalistic twist. Regular display advertising will stay but Content Marketing has become the most important feature. This is quite different from the situation 5 years ago. The market has changed and Business Insider follows those changes accordingly”

Arend van den Berg
Managing Editor at Business Insider Nederland

Working in a Scrum project has made it an enjoyable process. We were quickly on the same wavelength and soon came to big results. I got puzzled looks after the first negotiations with Business Insider Inc. when I told them in June that we could launch in September. Considering the amount of work it is amazing we actually met the deadline. Scrum helps everyone in the team to prioritize and focus on specific elements. As a client it also helped me a lot. In a big project like this you need to priotitize and make decisions. Scrum structures the agenda.

Developing the WordPress platform

We developed z24.nl based on WordPress some years ago. The goals and ambitions of that website basically stayed the same: blazing-fast, findable in search engines and visitors that stick around. On top of that the editorial board needs to be able to manage the website in the simplest and fastest way possible. We had to deal with some International guidelines but were allowed to finetune some to be able to adapt better to the Dutch market.

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