Yorick van de Venne

Yorick van de Venne

Like an open book in a world full of challenges; I embrace every page!



  • Giving sharp remarks and asking critical questions 
  • Hitting a tennis ball really hard
  • Bringing overview and structure
  • Problem solver, thinking in solutions

Why Level Level?

Work culture is very important to me; ultimately, I believe that a good work culture contributes the most to job satisfaction. At Level Level, you notice that people come first; everyone pays attention to each other and there is just a good atmosphere!

Furthermore, Level Level is a nice compact company where you get to know everyone well. Because of that compactness, there is more room to take on responsibilities and make a greater impact.

What do you find so cool about this field of work?

Web development is an endless puzzle for me. There are always new things to learn and build. For every problem, there’s a creative solution, and that search process is what makes it so exciting. Being able to collaborate with people from different disciplines and make a difference for a user is fantastic to me.

What do you do in your spare time?

If I ever have free time alongside full-time coding at Level Level, I enjoy working out at the gym or on the tennis court. Otherwise, I play the guitar; my favorite artist (at the time of writing) is Sam Fender. When I’m not doing that, I’m eating food or sipping tea while watching a movie or series.

I also love going to festivals or concerts, with Lowlands being my favorite so far. There’s nothing like the miserable experience of sleeping in a tent on a festival grounds.

Yorik wearing a cap eating a lumpia

What would you like to tell your younger self?

Buy Bitcoin! Just kidding, I would tell him to let go of the fear of mistakes earlier. It’s okay to embarrass yourself or be way off the mark; that’s where you learn the most. I would also convey the value of social connections and the importance of gaining unique experiences (festivals, traveling, and trying new things). Gradually, I’m realizing that these play a bigger role in life satisfaction than I initially thought.

What will you be doing in 10 years?

Professionally, I will have considerably more knowledge in the field than today. I would aim to use this knowledge for a greater social impact. By then, I aspire to be a lead full-stack developer, with enough knowledge of both front- and back-end, enabling me to independently manage projects. I will continue to enjoy collaborating with people from various disciplines and being surrounded by friendly colleagues.

On a personal level, I’d like to keep gaining unique experiences and constantly trying new things. Although I do wonder to what extent I’ll have time for that, considering I might become already be a dad in 10 years.

Tell us about your plans and ambitions!

We are up for any challenge!