Wouter Honselaar

Wouter Honselaar

Outsmarting cyber security hackers



  • Programming Raspberry Pi(e)’s
  • Hacking
  • Resolving security incidents
  • Being critical and positive

What do you do at Level Level?

I am a Hosting Engineer. Which means that I – together with the DevOps and Hosting departments – apply myself to getting and keeping websites online. I studied ‘ICT Networks & Systems Engineering’ at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and specialised in ‘Cyber Security Technology’. Which is a mouthful to be honest. 

After my graduation project, I stuck around at Level Level as a Hosting Engineer. I’m the first contact when it comes to problems with the technological infrastructure of the website and the office. Because of my aforementioned specialisation, I also keep an eye on the cyber security within Level Level. 

Within cyber security, I am also working on implementing my graduation thesis. Which is a system that warns (system) administrators of suspected hacking attacks and automatically reacts by blocking those hackers. Better safe than sorry, right?

Why Level Level?

I discovered Level Level at the HBO ICT job event that is held annually in Rotterdam. Level Level appeals to me, because it’s a completely different kind of organisation than let’s say a government institution. In appearance, but also in the type of work we do.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I also work a lot with ICT. It is nice if you can turn your hobby into work and help others with it. I especially find the technical side interesting: programming, experimenting with raspberry pie (Raspberry Pi 😉). I also like to play games, especially the lesser known driving simulator Live For Speed. I also have been a member of a scouting association for a couple of years now.

Wouter programming with his Raspberry Pi

What do you want to accomplish at Level Level?

I aim to improve the security of the sites that we host and Level Level as a whole – which also touches our customers. Cyber security has become more important than ever. Loads of sensitive information gets shared through the web on a daily basis, this has to happen securely. In addition, I want customers and colleagues to experience as little issues as possible because of maintenance (or errors) on the technical infrastructure. A slow, or even nonexistent, connection is obviously extremely frustrating! Ultimately, it is my goal to ensure we have quick and secure sites that never go offline!

Tell us more about your plans and ambitions!

We are ready to take on your online challenge.