Willemijn Reibestein

Willemijn Reibestein

I try to learn things with every project we carry out.

Areas of expertise


  • Bringing design to life with code
  • Cuddling with cats
  • Making accessible web projects


After finishing my internship at Level Level I stayed on as a full time web developer. I focus mostly on front-ending the websites we develop, which is actually something I really like to do. At Level Level I see the results of what I have learned during my Mediatechnology education.

“As a junior web developer I try to learn new things with every project we carry out. By doing so, I hope to become more and more efficient in what I do.”

Willemijn Reibestein

Challenging and fun

While developing, I like to challenge myself to improve the speed, privacy, accessibility and SEO scores of a website. With regards to this, I like to stay up to date about all developments so I can broaden my expertise and optimize the websites we develop to my best ability.

Rotterdam and Indonesian food

I live in the center of Rotterdam for a couple of years now and spend a lot of my spare time there. Shopping or eating out with friends. I really like having my own spot in Rotterdam. During the weekends I like to spend time with my family and regularly spend a day or two at my parents place. Having great Indonesian food.

I enjoy watching series and playing “old-fashioned” boardgames with friends. During the week you can spot me at the shores of the Maas river running my favorite 5km lap.

Photo of Willemijn at the beach

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