Wessel den heijer

Wessel den heijer

Downtime? No way.



  • Learning new things quickly
  • Focusing on specific tasks
  • A lot of experience in ‘rhythm games’

What do you do at Level Level?

Within the DevOps team (hosting) I mainly resolve and research issues incoming from other teams. An example of this would be adding DNS records. These records have different applications, but making your domain name refer to a website or e-mail server is one of them. But this is just one of many other technical issues I work on. By figuring out all these different parts, I become more and more proficient as a first-line support expert within the DevOps team.

Why Level Level?

I got the opportunity to do challenging work that gives a feeling of satisfaction. I also have very pleasant colleagues, with whom I can laugh, but also learn with – and from. And I would like to add that I get the impression that I truly have the opportunity to develop myself here. Which I noticed from day one to be honest.

How did you arrive here?

Funnily enough, through a friend in a video game crew.  He told me Level Level was looking for someone who could do a bit of support within the DevOps team. I had previous experience with ticket systems and second line support. So after hearing his positive stories I took the gamble and sent in my application!

Keys and keyboards

Like many ‘IT nerds’ I spend a lot of my free time on gaming. Predominantly online, but I also like going to arcades. One of my other hobbies is making music. Where the piano is my instrument of choice!

Wat would you like to achieve at Level Level?

From an IT standpoint, I would like to learn as much as possible. I want to give my colleagues peace of mind by making sure no one has to think about IT-infrastructure related problems, ever. So they can focus on their own tasks and goals!

Tell us about your plans and ambition

We are up for any challenge!