Ugur Ertas

Ugur Ertas

Experimenting with technology to inspire people.



  • Creating interactive data visulization
  • Tech blogger at Medium

What is your role at Level Level?

At Level Level I mostly work with front-end. I contribute at various projects and I meet various disciplines and customers, by which I can develop my technical skills. 

Which education did you have?

I have studied at the Rotterdam University of applied sciences at the school CMGT. The CMGT studied is trained to develop applications where the user comes first. Therefore we learn not just coding but design aswell. 

“I love to experiment with cutting edge technologies to inspire people and enhance the users experience.”

Ugur Ertas
Frontend Developer

What do you like best in this workfield?

The most appealing of software development is that almost any idea you have can be reality because the possibilities in this workfield are endless. I am always looking for cutting edge technology that not only can improve the user experience but can also add to my own development. 

How did you end up at Level Level?

In 2018 I co-worked with Level Level through the Honors program of the Rotterdam University on creating an accessibility platform. The goal of this platform was to make people aware of how non-accessible the web is for people with disabilities. Through this cooperation I started after my graduation to work at Level Level, so I can work on many more cool projects. 

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to go dining with my friends, especially at sushi restaurants. Furthermore, in my spare time I write blogs and tutorials on about various topics such as datavisualization, development in coding en IOT. Besides that I attend concerts and festivals.  

Tell us about your plans and ambitions!

We are up for any challenge!