Simon van der Steen

Simon van der Steen

From HTML to CSS and super awesome websites.

Areas of expertise


  • Connecting the dots
  • Comforting life by using my BlackBerry as a Social / Smart Home Hub
  • Expecting the unexpected


Since the 90’s, and not even really far from here, I started in the so called ‘Brabantse land’ with developing an above avarage interest in every form of technological gadgets. That interest started with the whole Gameboy lineup, and developed further on the axis of every Nintendo and Sony “Entertainment System”, and eventually towards my job as a developer at Level Level.

Back in the day

I have dialed-up many times through my old school 56k modem and spent a lot of my time on the world wide web. That was all in the time that everybody had to ask their parents to download a file from the internet, or if it was ok to please-please-pleeeease create a Lego Passport and print it out. In the 00’s, I discovered the Dutch orientated social media platforms. And the arrival of the CU2 platform layed out the foundation of the work that I now do at Level Level.

From HTML to CSS and super awesome websites

It didn’t take long before I thought that the possibilities in my CU2 profile were to restrictive and I went looking for alternatives. During my search I discovered that the “100 questions list” were still displayed in “HTML”. This basic knowledge of HTML, which was later on supplemented with knowledge of CSS, JavaScript and PHP, I tested with all kinds of editors, like notepad, Word and Visual Code. And from a simple FTP server which could only read files, I went to the kind of websites which you see before your eyes right now, or which you might like to have.

WordPress as a foundation

Meanwhile I’m already working for about 5 years on WordPress projects and it is mainly because of the warm community behind this CMS that I sometimes forget that WordPress is actually only a tool to make awesome end products. It’s also this community that put me in touch with Level Level years ago. And eventually this has led to my job as a developer at Level Level.

A life after development

When I’m not occupied with WordPress, I like to play soccer indoors. Also, I love to lift weights. In the meantime I have replaced my semi-active “Super Nintendo Entertainment System” for a more passive “Home Theater System”. But you can still challenge me for a round of Mario Kart or Guitar Hero.

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