Peter van den Hooren

Peter van den Hooren

Making sure that our clients can enjoy their websites to the fullest.


  • Helping out people with a wide range of issues
  • Creating permanent solutions for repeating problems
  • Epic beard growing skill


Seven years ago Taeke asked me to come work for Level Level. At that time Level Level existed out of 2 man and an extra set of hands was needed. Mostly for some support related activities and giving workshops. After a half year I started working on some small webdevelopment projects. These small projects kept growing and developing became a larger part of my tasks at the company.

Not a day is the same, in our specialism you’re never done learning.  Knowing this, the work stays interesting and challenging.

Peter van den Hooren
Developer / Service & Support

Service & Support

Level Level has grown in occupation as well as in client services. One of those client services is Service and Support. Apart from helping clients, pro-actively keeping projects up to date, we also provide process optimization. This way we relieve our developers while they can focus on creating epic stuff.

What makes working at Level Level fun?

There is a lot of diversity, not only in the type of clients but also in the work itself. It varies from helping customers by phone to programming tailor made solutions. Apart from work there are also the colleagues, they all contribute to the lovely working environment we work at.

What do you enjoy besides work?

A few years ago I’d probably say videogames. I do still play games but more in the ‘analog’ variant. Playing board games with a few friends and some beers is one of my favorite activities.

Photo of Peter talking at a WordCamp

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