Patrick Louter

Patrick Louter

The best websites are never done and keep on growing, just like their developers.


  • Reading quickly and taking in information.
  • Always has a nice history lesson at hand, which may or may not be applicable to the situation.
  • Dealing with new challenges head-on.

What do you do at Level Level?

I am a developer, but that wasn’t always the plan! I studied history, but afterwards I was still looking for what I truly wanted to do professionally. After a short course of JavaScript I got the urge to do more with programming and development as a whole. Applying somewhere for an internship with my resumé was pretty exciting. Fortunately I’ve got lovely (now) colleagues that are open to a challenge. And now I’m here, got a chance to expand my skills and raked in the award for best intern ever, according to myself! (side-note: arrange a competition and buy a trophy.) Now, I participate fully in the development proces.

What would you like to accomplish at Level Level?

As I previously mentioned, my first goal was to finish my internship successfully. And I did. The more I code, the more fun I experience doing it. As I get further and further into the matter, my skills improve and I see more options. Ideally I’d like to keep growing at Level Level and repay them for the trust that they gave me. After my internship, I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to do and see. I’d like to contribute to that. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll teach my own interns!

What did you do before Level Level?

After my studies, I wound up in logistics. This was supposed to be temporary, but I ended up liking it a lot. I got a leading role quickly and – together with the team – was responsible for all the processes in the warehouse. After a couple of years I felt that the long shifts and many hours of overtime didn’t fit my goals and ambitions anymore. Then I decided to try something else and took a leap of faith. So, here I am.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like reading, ever since I was a kid. It’s a great feeling to lose yourself in a good story. That’s probably the reason I like watching movies. From Disney to action and drama. If I only watch 5 minutes, I’d like to finish it, even if it is a bad movie. I also like working out to stay in shape. Go for a run or hit the gym. And I usually help my girlfriend on Saturdays at her marketplace stall.

Foto Patrick with clouds in the background

And last but not least: “what is your favourite dinosaur?”

As you get older, you find nobody asks you that question anymore, which is a shame. But there’s only one correct answer: the ankylosaurus. I’ll gladly debate someone if they know better, agree or even when they’re just trying to distract me from something important. Also, I love history. For example, it’s unbelievably special that humans have been asking the same question for thousands of years: “how do I make the most out of my life?” The millions of different answers and questions that this evokes are why I think history is such an interesting hobby.

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