Noah Blokland

Noah Blokland

What I like about ICT is that you never finish learning.



  • Troubleshoot, fix and replace broken hardware.
  • Write user manuals for new hardware and software
  • Go crazy at Hardcore party’s

Network- en media administration intern

I started my Network Administrator internship at Level-Level after finishing my previous studies. Within the company, I’m learning a lot of new things that will be beneficial to my career later on. I really enjoy that.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been both very technical and creative. It didn’t take long before I started disassembling computers with my dad. Just like me, he’s also a big tech nerd. Messing around with old computers and software sparked my interest in hardware, computers, and how it all works. I then decided to get an education in IT.

What I like about IT

In IT, you’re simply never done learning.

Technology will always continue to evolve. Because of this, you need to make sure to keep up with the latest gadgets, hardware, and software

Sushi, sci-fi & music

I am a huge fan of all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants, good music, sci-fi documentaries, and tech podcasts. During the holidays, you’ll oftentimes find me at music festivals.

Outside of my education, I love to do fun things with friends. Good friendships are very important to me. I also have a thing for making music. I occasionally get the energy out of my system while playing drums. Although I’ve been playing drums since a very young age, I’ve had little time to play over the past few years.

I hope to pick this up again when I’ll get an apartment of my own, though. Maybe I could even join a small band again like I used to. Besides playing drums, I also like to play a “nice” melody on the Ukulele sometimes.  Just don’t ask me to sing along.

A clean room is the sign of a broken computer

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Noah Blokland
Netwerk- and media administration intern

And later on?

I’d love to set up the entire network for a start-up someday. Completely from scratch. Laptops, desktops, WiFi, and security. Installing everything from scratch and making it work smoothly for everybody in the office is going to be an amazing experience.

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