Mike Hermans

Mike Hermans

While developing websites, I always strive to satisfy our customers.

Areas of expertise


  • Making magic with PHP
  • Just dance champion


I am one of the back-end developers at Level Level. While developing websites, I always strive to satisfy our customers. I like that I am able to add value to the team of developers from my field of expertise.

From intern to developer at Level Level

I started at Level Level as an intern. After finishing my internship I stayed on as part of the service and support team. One and a half year later I finished my graduation project at Level Level as well. I discovered that development was a better fit for me than what I did as part of het service and support team. I am therefore very happy that I was able to stay on as a backend developer at Level Level.

“I see the Internet as a major source of information and entertainment.  I can’t imagine a live without the Internet. Although lately I’m more careful during my online activities, because it has become more apparent that privacy is not always guaranteed as much as I would like.”

Mike Hermans

Why do you like development so much?

I have been creating my own games and websites as long as I can remember. I always thought it was very interesting to create ‘stuff’ just by coding. I really enjoy the fact that I now am able to do this at a company where I can learn and work in a versatile team of fun colleagues.

Having a good time with motivated colleagues

I think a motivated and fun team is important. Therefore, I really enjoy the fact that my colleagues and I enjoy our work so much and that we are eager to create beautiful websites. Also, I am a bit of a gadget freak. In my spare time, I actually need to unbox a new gadget every now and then to give it a go. Just for fun 😉

Photo of Mike with on a holiday

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