Merel Janssen

Merel Janssen

Organising, coordinating and planning small to big projects and events.

Areas of expertise


  • Structuring chaos into an organized list of todo’s
  • Writing and editing articles
  • Getting everybody to fall in love with bouldering (and cats)

Project Manager at Level Level

Together with the creative, fun and involved Level Level team I enjoy to work on challenging projects as a Project Manager. By coordinating and planning the projects and by taking the clients’ vision and wishes into account, together we ensure that for every client we create a suitable customised solution.

How did you end up at Level Level?

During my studies in Amsterdam I discovered that my real passion lies with organising, coordinating and planning small to big projects and events. After University, I started as a project officer at a patient organisation. In that position I worked together with Level Level. Although my educational background focuses on doing research in the healthcare industry, I started to feel that I would be more at ease working in the world of Internet. Therefore, it made sense to me as well as Level Level to further my career as a Project Manager at Level Level.

“During my collaboration with Level Level, I realized I would be more at ease on the other side of the table. And that feeling was mutual!”

Merel Janssen Project Manger Level Level
Merel Janssen
Project Manager

What makes you happy?

Adventure! I love to travel around the world. Hiking to the Machu Picchu, traveling through Asia, hitchhiking to Bulgaria are some of the activities I enjoyed very much in the previous years.

In the Netherlands I mostly find adventure by bouldering (climbing) indoors. Whenever possible, I go to Fontainebleau (France) though to boulder outside. In 2019 we travelled through South-Africa and bouldered there. That was an awesome experience! 🙌

Merel in nature

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