Menno van den Ende

Menno van den Ende

Improving code structure and workflow is really my thing



  • API connections with external parties;
  • working in a structured way;
  • giving problems one look and making them disappear spontaneously.

Backend development

I really enjoy programming the backend of websites. And I particularly like creating API connections that integrate with external parties. Besides that, I like to work on structural improvements, both in code and workflow. Web development never stops changing. I love how that challenges me to keep improving and to keep learning new techniques.

When I’m not programming

It won’t be a surprise that I love playing videogames, mostly League of Legends and Rocket League. I also like to spend the time with friends. I also like motorsport a lot, and am active in several areas. I watch the Formula 1 races, I have driven my own car at Circuit Zandvoort, and I regularly do sim racing.

One day I want to get my pilot’s license. I think flying is awesome.

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Menno van den Ende

Then, now and ever?

Had you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up years ago, I would have replied immediately that I wanted to become a real estate broker. Break, make and repair things. Fortunately, I now have a better understanding of what being a broker means. And I picked a different profession. Now I get to participate in all sorts of cool web development projects! I don’t know whether or not I’ll keep doing this forever, though. But for now, it’s still fun to do. Maybe someday I’ll want to get my pilot’s license?

Menno van den Ende

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