Melissa Moussaid

Melissa Moussaid

Transforming complex issues into tangible and creative user-friendly solutions.



  • Excelling as a baking queen (pancakes, cake, you name it)
  • Coming up with concrete solutions quickly

Digital designer at Level Level

I got to join the awesome team at Level Level as a Digital Designer. I really enjoy turning complex issues into simple, user-friendly solutions. Additionally, I ensure that the product meets the end user’s needs, works intuitively, looks attractive and helps accomplish the customer’s goals.

“As a child, I always was very creative. And it is still an important outlet for me. Whether I’m designing a cool website or simply sketching in my sketchbook. It makes me happy!”

Melissa Moussaid
Melissa Moussaid
Digital Designer

Variation, creativity, and challenges

What I love about being a designer at a creative agency is the variety of projects. I get to unleash my creativity on all sorts of challenges. As a result, my work is never boring or monotonous, but rather varied and challenging!

I’ll take a hike in nature, with cake as a reward any time of day

To me, a fine piece of cake from Koekela (cherry cheesecake 🍰 ), is a real treat. I also love a nice walk through nature or a relaxing holiday (I recently visited New Zealand). And of course, my lovely cats Henk and She-ra make me very happy!

Melissa Moussaid Nieuw-Zeeland

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