Matthijs Munter

Matthijs Munter

Making sure that expectations are always surpassed, that's great!


  • Attention to detail
  • Solution orientated
  • Making epic lasagnes

Level Level's first bureaumanager ever!

It became pretty soon clear to me that I wanted to work at Level Level after finishing my graduation internship. So together we started to look for a suitable function. I am pleased to complete Level Level’s team as our first office manager. It is my job that our customers as well as our team won’t lack a thing. And therefore keep exceeding our customers expectations.

From cooking, to designing and travelling

I love to fill my spare time with being creative. I like to discover delicious new recipes and share this passion for cooking with dear friends and family. Besides cooking, I can loose myself in designing and creating furniture. It’s the best way to fill your house with unique and original furnishing, if you ask me. And when I have a lot of spare time - like a vacation - I love to spend my time travelling. In particular to Central- and South America. 

A true foodie 

Even when I was a little boy, I loved food. As a kid I wanted to become a Chef. Filling your day with being creative and getting delicious food in return. As a kid I already knew this was a fantastic combination.

High on my bucket list? The Pan Americana!

I would love to drive the Pan Americana, the highway that connects South with North America. Going on a roadtrip in a motorhome. For me that is relaxing in the purest sense of the word.

"I am enthusiastic about exceeding expectations, both at work and with my friends and family."

Matthijs Munter
Office Manager

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