Marlou de Rijke

Marlou de Rijke

Nothing is as satisfactory as to be able to check off a few to-do’s from my list at the end of the day.

Areas of expertise


  • Getting to the bottom of things
  • Picking up the phone as fast as possible
  • Managing my extensive collection of LP’s

What did you do before Level Level?

As a teenager, I was already building websites in HTML. So, it made sense to start with the study CMD (Communication & Multimedia Design) after finishing high school. After graduation I decided to do something else completely. Because of my love for music I started working at music café Rotown. I, however, always stayed active in the field of webdesign as a freelance WordPress webdesigner. During my work as a freelancer I discovered that the technical part of developing a website interested me as well.

How did you end up at Level Level?

I live in the same street as where Level Level is located. While running (my weekly workout) I always passed the office of Level Level. It seemed like a nice company, so I decided to follow them on social media. Eventually, I responded to the job opening for a Service & Support employee. This job could help me to further develop myself in the field of webdevelopment/-design and I believed that my hospitality experience could actually be useful for this job.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Music has always played a big roll in my life. I have a broad taste in music. Right now I am less occupied with music but I still like to visit a concert every now and then or to buy an LP. Of course, I do also love a nice beer. Also, I organize board game evenings with my friends. And recently I started to expand my retro gaming collection again (SNES and Gameboy).

Photo of Marlou with a headphone

“I own two cats that make me very happy. Actually, every cat that I come across makes me happy. But who would not like that?”

Marlou de Rijke
Service & Support

What do you want to accomplish at Level Level?

At Level Level I want to deepen and broaden my technical knowledge, and develop myself further as a developer. During my own freelance projects it sometimes felt as if I was just playing around a bit.

But now, at Level Level, I learned a lot already in my first few weeks that I worked here. Working for the Service & Support department is very challenging and provides a lot of variation, as I come across a lot of clients and cases. Not a day is the same. And, to be honest, nothing is as satisfactory as to be able to check off a few to-do’s from my list at the end of the day.

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