Marco Boekestijn

Marco Boekestijn

There’s nothing more rewarding then seeing a project come to life on the screen.



  • Gutenberg (development)
  • Not easily distracted
  • Nerf-gun warfare


As a Front-end developer I have the best of both worlds. On the one side I have an intensive contact with designers and I get included in their decision making on usability issues.
On the other side everything in the technical world is developing very quickly and the work still gives me more than enough challenge. I always make sure that speed, usability and accessibility is a top priority in the work that I do.

Accessibility is important! The internet is playing a big role in our lives and it can’t be happening that people are excluded from that because they are not able to use an online tool or website.

Marco Boekestijn

Why Level Level?

Level Level gives me the personal touch of a small agency in combination with the satisfaction of working on big project for big clients with an high amount of user visits.

The atmosphere is awesome! Of course everybody is working very hard… there’s a typical saying in Rotterdam that displays this: “Niet lullen maar poetsen!” But of course there’s also room for some fun and there’s a lot of laughing at the office! Everybody feels appreciated and that is important. It feels like a club of friends.


I’m the reigning king of foosball. Every now and then I will show my colleagues who’s boss when I’m challenging them in a round of foosball. I’m still waiting though for a challenger that matches my level, maybe you are?

What else?

I really am enjoying my family, I love to drink craft beers with friends in the pub and every now and then I like to visit a concert. On Saturdays you will find me on the Delft market eating a delicious herring and getting a good piece of cheese.

Just recently I discovered my hobby photography again and I’m running an Instagram account which promotes the city of Delft, and it’s quite successful!

Photo of Marco hiking in the mountains with snow

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