Marc Zijderveld

Marc Zijderveld

As an allround developer I am actually never done learning.

Developer and Service & Support

I started at Level Level as an intern. And after graduating, I could stay on as a fulltime developer. I work on several projects and support our Service & Support department whenever possible. That keeps me quite busy.

"As an allround developer I am actually never done learning. In my spare time I work on many backend projects, so it is fun to be able to work on frontend projects at Level Level as well. Also, I like to work with our clients directly, as much as possible."

Marc Zijderveld
Developer / Service & Support

And in the weekends?

In the weekends I am often with my friend playing Magic the Gathering. And I can really enjoy drinking a beer in a nice cafe. Besides that, I like to watch Netflix and films, to work on a hobby project and to (I know, it is quite stereotypical) play games!

Where do we find you online?

Reddit, Facebook, Unity3D forums, League of Legends and other games.

Tell us about your plans and ambitions!

We are up for any challenge!