Kevin Poot

Kevin Poot

There is always the right tool for the job and I like experimenting with that.

Areas of expertise


  • Writing efficient and clean code
  • Simplifying complex issues
  • VueJS lover
  • Keeping calm at all times


I am one of the front-end developers at Level Level. The coolest thing about front-end development is, in my opinion, the pace in which new techniques and frameworks are being developed. WordPress is a great CMS to work with because it enables you to make great websites and apps without it being overly complex.

“There is always the right tool for the job and I like experimenting with that.”

Kevin Poot

What makes you happy?

I like optimizing the (front-end) workflow. This could for example be the optimization of the page load speed for a website. At this moment I am working on implementing a living style guide within our starter kit. This feature makes it a lot easier to maintain the different components in a website and reduces the chance of developers repeating their work.

Munchkin and Joy Division

In my spare time I like to play (board)games. Also, I like to keep expanding my record collection and to keep myself busy with cryptocurrency. Secretly, I am quite addicted to it.

A photo of Kevin sitting on a wall and a dog

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