Ken Fontijne

Ken Fontijne

I like breathing life into websites by creating animations.


  • Working on the smallest details.
  • Producing epic music.
  • Discovering new frameworks and libraries.

Developer / Maintenance & Support

At Level Level I keep myself busy with Maintenance & Support, but I also work on new projects. This is how I get the chance to learn from my colleagues and grow as an allrounder.

Technology does not stand still

Every job brings new challenges, that is why I love working in this field of work. The technology is going so fast, stuff we learn today is outdated tomorrow. You’re never too old to learn!

From audio to programming

My first steps into becoming a developer was hacking computer games when I was a kid. Later on I used my skills in making music on TV commercials, company commercials and small games. After this I started programming full-time, something that suits me more. Everything that I come up with I can build, this gives me an incredible amount of freedom.

I prefer to be in my free time …

In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, playing a game or just drinking a beer. And when I am just by myself, I like to nerd behind my computer, making music or nice websites.

“Sometimes you learn best when you carefully disassemble!”

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Ken Fontijne
Developer / Maintenance & Support

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