Jos Achterberg

Jos Achterberg

Starting new projects and figuring out the best way to set them up is really interesting.

Areas of expertise


  • Making connections between systems
  • Solving complex problems
  • Surviving the moshpit at concerts

What is your role at Level Level?

Back-end development is what I love to do, so that is what I’m doing most of the time. Making different systems communicate with each other and writing complex migration scripts makes me happy. Starting new projects and figuring out the best way to set them up is really interesting, it can make a huge difference for the quality and progression of a project.

“New digital developments always excite me, so this field of work is a perfect fit for me.”

Jos Achterberg

Music is everywhere I go

You can often find me at a concert which fall into a somewhat heavier genre. And the only time there is no music flowing through my speakers at home is when I’m sleeping. At the weekend I spend most of my time at a café or at the Biergarten if the weather allows it. I also love to enjoy beautiful nature when I’m traveling.

A photo of Jos in the mountains

And ten years from now?

I really don’t know what I will be doing in 10 years, but it’s safe to say that I will still be busy with programming. But I don’t know in what form or environment. I am very curious in what direction we’re going with our field of work and how it will look like in 10 years. Maybe my job is irrelevant and people can create complex web applications without writing a single line of code, but we’ll see about that!

Tell us about your plans and ambitions!

We are up for any challenge!