Jonathan van Arkel

Jonathan van Arkel

I prefer thinking in solutions, not in problems.



  • Has a strategic approach towards any type of problem-solving.
  • Throwing balls through hoops. 
  • Being up to date with tech news from all around the world 
  • Critical thinking

What is it you do at Level Level?

As an online specialist I concern myself with everything in and around the digital landscape. Both within the organisation and towards customers. I brainstorm, advise and develop (in the broadest sense) different types of processes and activities! 

In a nutshell: ‘I keep busy with everything that’s online.’ 

Why Level Level?

The culture. Of course there’s a ton of expertise at this company, the cases speak for themselves. But what really reeled me in, were the people. As a graduate – and as a person in general – I thrive on confidence in my abilities. And from the first minute onward, it was there. And then, then it was just a matter of signing the contract!

What do you like so much about this field of work?

“Design could be anything you want it to be” The variety you can experience is, in my humble opinion, unchallenged. Our field of work is constantly evolving, new methods & techniques fall out of the sky daily. You can diverge constantly into different mediums. Or you could specialize immensely. It’s a matter of choice. This variety is what keeps me sharp and motivated. And let’s be honest: if everything looks super sleek, who doesn’t love that? 

What would you still like to do?

That’s too much to name.. ‘In the grand scheme of things’ I’m still young, even though I feel old. I just want to see, experience and do as much as possible. Anything that makes me happy – to be vague. 

Jonathan shooting hoops.

What do you do in your spare time?

As I previously said: I like variety. I like lots of things. You could find me on the basketball court shooting hoops. Eating & drinking with friends. Go out on the road or into nature. Watch movies and shows through the lense of a self-proclaimed connoisseur. Lie in bed with a book. Hyping up a well made game. Appreciate music. “Would you like to know more?” Then get me a cup of coffee first. 😉

Tell us about your plans and ambitions!

We are up for any challenge!