Johannes van Poelgeest

Johannes van Poelgeest

On my laptop, in a tent, doesn’t sound all that bad to me!



  • A bit of everything
  • Back-end and front-end enthousiast
  • Making difficult to understand subjects – understandable
  • Being a family man
  • Camping (in tents)

Developing complex, though simple solutions

I mainly work in the back-end, but I also know my around the front-end. I like making elegant and simple solutions that are easy to explain. It’s fascinating to make new experiences – worlds even, through code.

“Aim for simplicity. Keep it simple.”

Johannes van Poelgeest

Keep moving!

I like getting my hands dirty. Be it gardening or doing odd jobs around the house.

Staying in shape is important to me. I’m an avid football player and coach my oldest son’s team. 

My summers are usually spent camping in my tent. And if I can fit it in my schedule, you can find me snowboarding in the mountains during winter time. 

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