Jiska de Ridder

Jiska de Ridder

As a project manager, I am steadfast in the storm


  • Catchy enthusiasm 
  • Proactive and hands-on approach
  • Life of the party!

What did you do before this?

After attending the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and working briefly as a graphic designer. I discovered that my true passion lies in project management. Working with people and maintaining a bird’s-eye view of ongoing projects really suits me! With experience at various creative agencies, I am ready to realise even more cool projects.

What do you love about this field of work?

That would be interacting with all kinds of different people and sectors! Both colleagues and clients bring their own skillset and insights. Every day offers new challenges and opportunities to learn. It’s great fun to work with such a colourful pallet of talents.

What do you do in your spare time?

Currently, I am a real LEGO fanatic. I have also been playing Dungeons & Dragons for several years, I volunteer and am a member in scouting, visit techno festivals and enjoy being creative. But my greatest passion? Discovering new places and cultures!

Jiska shown from behind facing an elephant.

What would you like to do next?

My bucket list is full of unique travel destinations. But top of the list is currently Egypt for its sea, chaotic culture and special history.

Tell us more about your plans and ambitions!

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