Jan-Willem Oostendorp

Jan-Willem Oostendorp

Every week, I make a 300km pilgrimage to the office.



  • WordPress Backender
  • Watcher of errorlogs
  • Coffee avoider

What are you doing at Level Level?

At Level Level, I am part of the Hosting team. That means working a lot on servers and perfecting their settings.

How did you end up at Level Level?

In 2018, I came across Level Level at WordCamp Rotterdam. And it was immediately clear that it was a very interesting company. Just a shame that there was 150km between us. (I live in Kampen, near Zwolle)

The distance hasn’t changed, but after corona – where working from home has become a lot more normal – travelling that far once a week is doable.

What do you do in your spare time?

Very surprising, but much of my free time is still behind a screen, but rather a Nintendo (an old one or a new one).

I also co-organise the WordPress meetup in Zwolle. I can also be found regularly at other meetups in the Netherlands.

What education did you pursue and what did you do before this?

In terms of education, I studied Communication and Multimedia Design(CMD), not ICT. A broad education that did cover all facets of web design & development.

This was also the time I started as a full-stack WordPress developer, and then developed further as a backend developer.

Right now I’m developing my skills as a DevOps engineer and this is what I’m doing at Level Level!

Tell us about your plans and ambitions!

We are up for any challenge!