Iris Voskamp

Iris Voskamp

I love solving problems by being creative with pixels!



  • Creative research
  • Netflixing
  • Discovering underlying needs of users

Graduating at Level Level

As a fourth year Communication and Multimedia Design student, it's now time to graduate. I will work at Level Level during my graduation to write a thesis. Starting from February to July I will submerge myself into the world of informal (health) care. For this project, I want to design a digital tool that provides insights of the needs for the informal carer giver as well as the district nurse. The digital tool aims to reduce the feeling of overburdening of the informal carer.

Insights for complex problems

I love complicated problems where I need to research aspects down to the bone and discover new insights. Those insights I will then translate into a concept that meets the needs of the user. This is what makes me happy!

Always creative

As a little girl I was always busy with crafts. Later on I started to paint and could totally lose myself into hours of creating the most beautiful paintings (according to my grandparents). By the time I finishes elementary school I knew for sure: I was going to be an interior designer! In the end, it didn’t became an interior designer, but something way more cool … a Digital Designer. Now I can be creative with pixels!

This makes me happy

Having a drink with my friends on the terrace, dancing during a party, music and an evening of Netflix under a blanket and delicious ice cream.

"I want to keep developing in the field of UX design, by challenging myself into learning new things."

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Iris Voskamp
Graduation intern

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