Ingrid Lentz

Ingrid Lentz

Using the right ingredients to get to a great result!



  • Having a positive mindset
  • Solution-oriented
  • Creative with ingredients

Which course did you study?

I have a Bachelor in Art & Economics and a Master in Culture, Organisation & Management. By taking part in internships and thesis assignments, I managed to take a look inside the ‘machine room’ at various cultural institutions and a design agency. The dynamics and creativity within the agency world really spoke to me on a personal level. And it has shown to be a great match so far!

What did you do before Level Level?

After my first job as a project manager at a small design agency, I transferred to a bigger – more international branding agency. There I guided branding and packaging projects, with some small steps towards digital platforms. I saw an opportunity at Level Level to do more on the digital front. So, I took it.

How did you cross paths with Level Level?

After living and working in Amsterdam for years, I moved back to Rotterdam about two years ago,  to the region where I grew up. 

I polled my network on cool and innovative (web)agencies in Rotterdam. A client of Level Level then gave me the golden tip! When I saw a vacancy for a project manager, I sprung to action. And well, here I am!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like cooking for friends and family. Cooking helps me relax in the evenings after work. I also do some volunteering work in the neighbourhood kitchen of the Storyhouse Belvédère. There I meet interesting people, hear interesting stories and get to know new flavours! In addition, I enjoy traveling, long walks on the beach or in a forest and performing the ‘Warrior Pose’ on a yoga mat.

What brings a smile to your face?

I’m in my element when I can be part of a multi disciplinary team. A team that works with passion and always tries to take that extra step towards the best and most innovative solution. I also take much pleasure in coordinating projects, motivating project teams and building sustainable customer relations.

Tell us about your plans and ambitions!

We are up for any challenge!