I want to learn, be able to and do everything.



  • (Continued) development of projects based on research and analyses
  • Perfectionist
  • Good at asking stupid questions (they do exist)
  • Unbeatable in Halli Galli

What do you do at Level Level?

I am a front end development intern at Level Level. Of course, as an intern I have to work on reports and an internship assignment, but I get a variety of other tasks  that immerse me in the work that front-end developers do at Level Level. I’m now getting acquainted with new programming languages or programs that I have never worked with before. From my first week, I was involved in projects with customers and I really feel like I am learning and can truly apply my new knowledge in practice.

What training have you completed?

I am pursuing the Creative Media & Game Technologies course at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Here I am being trained as a creative technician, equipping me with the basic knowledge to understand and apply the development of a digital product from start to finish. I initially started the course because of my affinity for design, but during the course, I discovered that I find front-end development equally enjoyable. Now, within the course, I am focusing mainly on user research, concepting, and front-end development.

How did you end up at Level Level?

I was looking for a fun front-end internship for school. Now “fun” is of course a bit of a vague concept when it comes to things you MUST do for school, but I was determined to work somewhere I would enjoy. So, I actively sought out internships that would give me that sense of enjoyment, and Level Level was one of them. On the website, I encountered a number of exciting projects that left a positive impression on me. That Level Level is located in the city where I live and have grown up is incredibly practical, but the office is also in a lively multicultural area I’m familiar with and feel comfortable in. This, coupled with my interest, led me to apply and I was quickly invited to join.

Why Level Level?

Level Level has an atmosphere I find very welcoming. It is a reasonably small agency, which allows for everyone to really get to know each other. This is evident in the way everyone interacts, both in and out of the workplace.

It’s always friendly, without compromising the professionalism of the work. There is also plenty of room to ask questions about anything, which means you can constantly learn from one another.

Stagiair Development

This creates an ideal environment for someone like me, who loves to learn new things and also values social interaction.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy being with friends. Balancing study and work takes up quite a bit of time, so it’s important to me to make time for social interactions as well. I also love learning new things, which has led me to develop a wide array of hobbies. Every few weeks, I find a new obsession to dive into. For instance, I might decide to learn a new instrument or suddenly find the motivation to tackle a new language. There just aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything I’d like.

What makes you happy?

I find happiness in the simple, everyday, things. Freshly laid asphalt or zebra crossings. Walking through the shadows of tree leaves. Feeling the sun unexpectedly on my face during a cold winter day. The smell of lilies (before they start smelling like dirty diapers). Being greeted by a cat on the street. An unknown baby smiling at me on the tram. There is so much beauty, I could go on forever.

Tell us about your plans and ambitions!

We are up for any challenge!