Dorin Heijboer

Dorin Heijboer

A smooth process that allows everyone to focus on quality.



  • A stabile engine
  • Hands-on mind
  • Keeps on rollin’

What did you do before Level Level?

After my study Communication & Media I worked at the marketing department of various multinationals. I automatically grew into an coordinating role; guarding time, quality and budget. When I switched to the agency side I knew it for sure; this is my spot! Since I’m working at Level Level I said goodbye to all the omnichannel projects and I will be diving deeper in the magic world of the web.

“No matter how many opportunities there are or how many obstacles to overcome, it gives me a thrill to always make the best project together with the team. And by doing so to make the client proud of the end result.”

Dorin Heijboer

What makes you happy?

In a project there are a lot of things coming together; different disciplines, different personalities within the team, wishes of the client… I get very happy when I manage to put all these things into a smooth proces where the people within the project get to focus on their own tasks and job.

What do you do in your sparetime?

After work I really like to workout. At this moment I am training for a half marathon and in summertime I will dust of my quad skates. In weekends I like to go out for dinner with friends – Asian food please! I also like to listen to bands or visit a movie in the ‘filmhuis’. Also, i like to make long distance journeys each year. To see untouched nature or make a dayhike to the highest summit to be completely offline for a moment.

What do you always wanted to do?

I would really like to skate the Berlin Marathon, I think it would be really awesome to skate 42 kilometres across the Berlin city centre!

Tell us more about your plans and ambitions!

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