Dionne de Vries

Dionne de Vries

Attention to detail with the goal to create user friendly products.



  • Truly interested in users
  • Quick learner
  • Buying (too) many sneakers

What is your position at Level Level?

I’m currently in the last year of my study and graduating at Level Level. I’m working on a design challenge where it’s important to carry out a lot of user research. This is really interesting and educational!

From photography, to retail and CMD

After graduating in photography, I started working full-time in retail for quite some time. I really enjoyed working with a variety of customers. After that I started a bachelor study, Small Business & Retail Management, for two years. Eventually I figured out that there was something else that I liked: Design! After this experience I started the bachelor study Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD) and I knew right away that this was my spot!

“You can never have enough sneakers!”

Dionne de Vries
Intern Digital Design

What are you doing in your spare time?

Actually, this is something that varies a lot with me. I can really enjoy going out for a drink, bite or party with friends. But sometimes I could lock myself up for a whole day to game, netflix or change my interior. I recently started to explore cooking and love to try out new recipes. Oh and not to forget: I collect Nike Air Max 1 sneakers. 

What do you like about your field of expertise?

I think it’s really nice to create beautiful and user-friendly products. Products with real value for users and ofcourse also the client. A digital product should not only look good, it also has to work good. Listening to the customers and clients needs is something that I really value. Every project is different and that means that my work is never boring! ?


Since childhood my dream is to live and work abroad for a few years. I would love to go to New Zealand or Australia. Why stay here if there is so much beauty to discover?

Tell us about your plans and ambitions!

We are up for any challenge!