Christien van de Sande

Christien van de Sande

Translating creative processes and technical challenges into specific tasks.

Areas of expertise


  • Scrum Master
  • Taking care of the teams’ needs
  • Having an assortment of colourful lipsticks

Operations & Project Manager

As a Project Manager at Level Level I plan and coordinate our projects. I translate creative processes and technical challenges into specific tasks. I work together with the Level Level team and our clients to create custom solutions and challenging digital projects that fit within budget and schedule.

How do you end up as a Project Manager at Level Level?

After University, I started as a cross-media editor at Omroep Zeeland where I’ve fallen in love with producing for the Internet. To expand my online knowledge and my portfolio I’ve started working in this hysterical Internet agency world. Project management was a logical next step: coordinating, multitasking, communicating and taking actions suits me perfectly.

Zeeuwse Rotterdammert

I was born and raised in the small village of Westkapelle at the coast, but now I’m a proud resident of Rotterdam. In my spare time I work for my own foundation The Holland Road where we connect different kinds of people together with spontaneous events. I like camping, snowboarding, editing movies, traveling the world and a beer on a sunny terrace!

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