Christien Poppes

Christien Poppes

I take care of the invoicing, accounting and tax returns.


  • Taking care of other people
  • Empathic person

Finance – HR

At Level Level, I’m responsible for the Financial Department. I take care of invoicing, accounting and tax returns. I am also deeply involved in the Human Resource side of things.


I have quite an extensive background. I started out as a registered nurse. I have had my own business too, where I was responsible for financial management, human resources, employment conditions, and sustainability. I am no longer in nursing. Instead, I’m taking care of the financial management of Level Level and running a B&B at the edge of a breathtaking nature reserve in Drenthe, in the very east of The Netherlands.

“My motto: be fair and square.”

Christien Poppes
Finance / HR

Proud grandmother

I am a mother of three and proud grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren.
Because of the many activities I’m involved in I don’t have too much time for hobbies but my garden and the foraging birds in my garden are important to me. Whenever possible, I go hiking and bird watching. I am an amateur birdwatcher. I like to listen to classical music and regularly visit concerts. I love cooking and I can really appreciate a good glass of wine with friends.

Christien Poppes

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