Christiaan Stijnen

Christiaan Stijnen

I enjoy optimizing existing functionalities in projects.


  • Sound engineer
  • Being a Feyenoord fanatic
  • Improving usability of webforms


I was quite PHP minded when I started out as developer at Level Level. Over the last year I improved my front-end ( CSS / Javascript ) skills and become more a full-stack developer. I enjoy optimising PHP processes as much as I enjoy improving usability of a webform using javascript. Next to my current work on Cordaid i’m trying to find some time to checkout Vue.js because I’ve been reading so much good comments about Vue.js.

From Cordaid to ABN AMRO…

Being a full-stack developer I enjoy optimising and developing new features for existing projects. Based on targets, set by the client, I am constantly trying to improve a number of big Level Level projects. I find it challenging to switch between different projects which are build using different techniques. It is my job to keep these different projects up-to-date and improve them where possible.

When I’m not developing

I like hanging out with friends and watching football in a football stadium or on TV. When I’m not watching football or drinking craft beer I like riding my bike. Next to being a developer I also work as a freelance sound engineer. It’s something I started doing when I was a teenager and I still enjoy!

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