Bert Teeuw

Bert Teeuw

Innovation and creating new ideas, that is what makes me tick.


  • Visual Design
  • Concepting
  • Surfing

Research & testing

I am a grad student Communication and Multimedia Design at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Currently I am conducting my graduation internship here at Level Level. I have a strong interest in everything that has to do with research and testing. It was therefore no surprise that I set up my graduation assignment in that direction. With this research I’m trying to establish how I can involve usability testing in Level Level’s work process. My goal is to create a digital solution that simplifies usability testing for Level Level and at the same time enhances the way usability tests are performed.  

Design that matters

I think it’s great to create creative solutions for problems of people, companies or entrepreneurs. I believe that the combination of creativity, technology and design can provide groundbreaking solutions that can positively change people’s lives.

Digital in my DNA

I have always been creative and venturous. During high school I made my first web designs. I like to see ideas develop into concrete elaborations.

Watersport enthusiast!

I often meet with friends to have a drink or to go out for dinner. I’m also a water sports enthusiast: I love surfing and sailing. I also love reading and listening to music.

What would you still like to do?

I have always wanted to go sailing in Greece with some friends. The combination of sea, the beautiful weather, the towns and culture seem very cool to me. I think it would be also a great challenge for me!

“Starting small, measure in a early phase and experimenting in order to achieve successful innovations.”

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Bert Teeuw

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