Bernard Zijlstra

Bernard Zijlstra

Growing knowledge and skills is in my nature.


  • Command line interface (cli) jockey
  • Debian & Ubuntu GNU/Linux junky
  • Troubleshooting & root cause analysis
  • Skis powder & groomers
  • Ski waxing
  • Low & slow BBQ’er


At the office Bernard quickly becomes B, especially when using Slack. My job title in Slack is “Sandbox Master”. Using a more generic and popular term, one would call me the CTO. At Level Level I have a leading role from a technical and innovative perspective. We operate using an Agile mindset and a DevOps approach supported by modern technical possibilities. WordPress is our central tool (cms) to build our well designed and good performing websites. Each project is a building process that involves many people, multiple design documents and a lot of code. As CTO I’m working daily to improve and optimize this building process, wether it’s tooling for our developers or our state of the art hosting.

“Live life to the max!”

Bernard Zijlstra
CSO/Hosting Expert

Cowboy style

I’m a curious and enterprising techie who likes to see what’s cooking inside other cubicles. Growing knowledge and skills is in my nature, not only for myself but also for my colleagues, so we can jointly raise Level Level to the next level. I will be very restless and impatient when dealing with badly operating and insecure websites, these challenges are dealt with in cowboy style.

Family man with a Burgundian lifestyle

At home I’m the family man with a Burgundian lifestyle who enjoys the company of family and friends. A loving and caring father who spends a lot of his spare time with his family. I’m an entrepreneur who like’s his work and thinks work should be fun. I enjoy the good life, honest food with a good glas of wine or beer. I am a music addict who listens to Bach and Bruckner, but squarepusher, Michael Jackson or Jet Rebel and a lot in between are on the daily menu as well.

What makes me happy

My family, listening to or making music, city-trips, wine and beer tasting sessions and good food. I get a lot of energy from a happy customer after a successful launch of a well thought out and designed website. I also enjoy art, architecture and interior design.

Photo of Bernard on a bike

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