Anton Timmermans

Anton Timmermans

Creating opportunities that were impossible before



  • Being able to learn new skills super fast
  • Moving jukebox
  • Large software mental model
  • Lateral thinker

What did you do before you became a freelancer?

Before, I worked at Yoast for five years. There, I learned a lot. And with that experience I started as a freelancer. All is going well so far.

How did you end up at Level Level?

I’ve been around in the WordPress community for some time. And then I heard that Level Level was looking for a freelancer, like me. After a short Slack message it was all arranged.

What do you like so much about this field of work?

The great thing about software is that you can make things possible that were previously impossible. Processes that used to take days, weeks or months are now possible in fractions of seconds

Photo Anton on the beach

What will you do in about 10 years?

Then, I will be full time working on my own products. I want to create something that will survive me.

Tell us about your plans and ambitions!

We are up for any challenge!