Amber Qualm

Amber Qualm

Making the web more accessible every day


  • Analysing, improving and optimising
  • Eye for detail
  • Bargain hunting for games and vinyl

An ideal mix

As an Accessibility Consultant, I daily ensure the (digital) accessibility of our products and services. I advise our teams on web accessibility standards at every step of the development process. This includes reviewing our designs, code and the client’s content to ensure they all comply with the WCAG standards. Additionally, I also play a strategic role in several of our projects. An ideal mix, as this allows me to also express my creativity!

Returning to Coolhaven

Returning? Indeed! I took my first steps in the world of design on Pieter de Hoochweg, located a mere 300 metres from the Level Level office. This is where I studied Communication and Multimedia Design. During this time, I started working as a Digital Product Designer at a small marketing agency, where I was responsible for shaping the web design branch of the company. My tool of choice for building our clients’ websites was WordPress. Now, more than ten years later, being back in Coolhaven and working at a WordPress agency feels as if the pieces of the puzzle have fallen nicely into place.

An internet for everyone

Web accessibility runs deep in Level Level’s DNA. I am thrilled to have joined this passionate team, because, like them, I also see it as my mission to contribute to an accessible internet. Through continuous education and by offering insights and tools, I am convinced that we can make the web more accessible every single day!

Experiencing epic tales

Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for video games. It is a wonder I still do not have square eyes after all these years! 😉 I really enjoy when games tell a grand story and I can spend hours upon hours taking pictures in photo mode.

Amber takes a picture in a forest

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