Alara Ilhan

Alara Ilhan

If it isn’t weird, it’s not creative either!



  • Creative
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  • Happy & Energetic
  • (Self-proclaimed) TV-Show Specialist

About me

Currently, I’m an intern at Level Level. My main focus is on the front-end side of web development. I’m also open to learning elements of the back-end, though. Ultimately, I’d like to broaden my knowledge and learn as much as I can during my internship at Level-Level.

At a young age, I discovered I adore crafting unique, useful and fun things. I determined to do something with that trait when growing up. Along the way, I decided that I wanted to combine this creativity with modern-day technology. And that’s the story of how I ended up studying “Creative Media & Game Technology”. Creativity and technology go hand in hand in this line of work.

During my studies, I gained experience working in different project groups. This is how I learned how to turn a concept into a project that I could be proud of.

“The steps you take don’t need to be big. . .  They just have to be in the right direction.”

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Alara Ilhan
Intern Developer

My hobbies

In my spare time, I like to watch movies or tv-shows. I usually do this on my own, with a huge bowl of popcorn. Or with my friends, family, and a bowl of popcorn of course. The genres I watch range from Action to Horror to Disney to whatever you can think of.

Besides that, I have been playing volleyball for 7 years. And every now and then I love to go skiing with my family.

Furthermore, I like to read and draw, even though I lately (sadly) don’t do the latter as often as I would like. When you see me on my phone, chances are I’m reading a new action-packed story. You will generally see me walking around with my earphones in. I like to listen to Rock, Disney and everything else in between.

“Put music to our troubles & we will dance them away.”

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Alara Ilhan
Intern Developer

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