Aida Fuster Duran

Aida Fuster Duran

I always look for a solution or improvement to make things easier and better.

Areas of expertise


  • Making complex things simple
  • Travelling everywhere!


When I was wrapping up my studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2011, I start working as a freelancer for Level Level. As a designer, I turn the goals of our clients into user-friendly website designs. I always try to make sure users can accomplish their goals faster and easier. For me, designing is a way to improve communication without using language.

Design starts with abstract thoughts, ideas, inspiration and turns that into something concrete, tangible, and simple. Design communicates and triggers an action.

Aida Fuster Duran
Digital Designer

I love to move around

Whenever I have time off, I like to travel. Seeing and experiencing new things gives me a boost of positive energy. I prefer to travel to countries with a warm climate.  The people in Asian countries are really friendly, but I’d love to discover other countries such as in Africa too. I’d love to follow the pleasant weather, just as birds do. Eventually, I might settle down at a place with a spring-like climate all-year-around..

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Designing for the real world

To me, designing for the real world means stepping in the shoes of end-users. Plainly following the wishes of our clients is not always the right thing to do. Sometimes, clients ask for things that don’t fit with the needs of their users. As a designer, you can try to empathize with users, but oftentimes you don’t know enough about their circumstances.

At Level Level, we, therefore, offer our clients user research and usability testing as well.  This additional step results in designs that are more intuitive. As a result, end-users accomplish their goals more quickly and easily. This leads to happier clients. And our clients benefit from happy clients in all sorts of ways. They’re more likely to become return customers, leave positive reviews, refer potential clients and so much more.

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