Step up your game with HTTP headers

Step up your game with HTTP headers

Create a secure WordPress environment by assessing your HTTP headers.


During this talk, our CTO Bernard discussed why it’s important for web developers to understand and use HTTP headers to secure websites. He explained the pros and cons of several HTTP protocols and shared some best practices.

Safeguarding websites is generally considered a (too) complicated subject. The technical term “Application Security” also gives it a certain amount of emotion in our time. Cybersecurity has turned into a field of difficult terms, mystery, and shady methods and techniques.

It’s about time for us developers to pull this issue closer instead of leaving it all to “cybersecurity experts”. Developers, who write the code for all of these beautiful websites on a daily basis, need to start showing ownership. We can, and we need to bring writing secure code and securing websites. The HTTP protocol, yes, that is the “HTTP” in a URL such as, has been around for quite a while now. Around 1990, Tim Berners-Lee laid the foundation for sending HTML from a server to a web browser. The HTTP protocol has been under development since and offers us a range of options to instruct web browsers on how to use our websites. A number of these instructions also help us, developers, to proactively secure websites.