WordPress Maintenance & Support

WordPress Maintenance & Support

Our Maintenance & Support team is ready to support your website. Day in, day out.

Let’s partner up to keep your site safe and up to date

A lot of effort and energy goes into building and launching your project. You will only really start to learn about your website visitors and leads once your new website has been launched, though. Projects that are being monitored continuously, and being tweaked to improve performance, do much better than the ones that were launched and not touched for months after. 

Furthermore, the pace of technological change is faster than ever. At an equally high pace, risks and vulnerabilities are discovered and resolved. Without monitoring, testing and updating regularly, a website runs a huge risk. And so do its visitors. Our Maintenance & Support team can act as a partner here.

“Our dedicated support team is ready to help where needed, and solve issues before they become problems. This is a service we offer to any WordPress website owner!”

Peter van den Hooren
Maintenance & Support

We want to unburden you when it comes to the health of your WordPress website

Over the past few years, the number of businesses that relies on us to keep their sites running smoothly and to keep malicious intruders out has grown steadily. As a result, Support grew from an add-on service to a core field of expertise. A WordPress Maintenance & Support agreement ensures you we’ll do everything in our power to keep your website secure and up-to-date. We’ll assume responsibility for proactive and controlled updates of WordPress, and the plugins that are in use. The project is included in our monitoring (speed, performance as well as security) so that we can intervene before issues become problems. In addition, a team of specialists is ready to answer all kinds of support questions and requests on a daily basis.

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