WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Specialized WordPress hosting that sets the standard in performance and scalability.

Hosting at Level Level: fast, safe and with a minimum uptime of 99,8%

An important factor in the scalability and performance of a website is the hosting and underlying architecture. Does your website target retail shoppers in Asia and South America? Or do you manage a news platform that attracts millions of page views per month? Each website is unique, and will benefit from a tailored approach. That’s where our extensive expertise in WordPress hosting comes into play!

“With a Level Level managed hosting environment, you won’t have to worry about the availability and performance of the website. Or whether or not a recent backup will be available.”

Bernard Zijlstra
CTO of Level Level

We offer customized hosting environments as a basis

We tailor WordPress hosting environments to the complexity of a website and the expected user experience. In all cases: fast and safe. Level Level does not provide a standard hosting solution. We provide a fully custom managed platform, a so-called Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). This platform consists of multiple environments; Development, Test, Acceptance and Production. By using modern virtualisation, software and automation techniques, a flexible, easily deployable, reproducible and consistent platform is created that facilitates both the Development and Support team as optimally as possible.

Our Production and Acceptance WordPress environments are always up and running

As opposed to third party hosting we ensure the highest performance, security and a seamless operation of Production and Acceptance WordPress environments. Over the years, Level Level has created a very secure and fast software stack, which can be deployed to a large array of hosting environments.

Are you not dealing with millions of visitors (yet) but would you still like to profit from blazing fast and secure WordPress hosting? Then ask us about our Shared WordPress cluster.

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