Web Development

Web Development

We develop bespoke websites and applications.

WordPress is our ‘weapon of choice’ and Level Level should be yours

Whether you need someone with extensive experience creating  custom API connections, hardening WordPress, speeding up a website, or optimizing the technical side of SEO; you’ll feel right at home with Level Level. We have brought a wide variety of knowledge and expertise under one roof.

“WordPress is the most commonly used content management system (CMS) in the world. By far. Making it our ‘weapon of choice’, was a no-brainer.”

Jos Achterberg

WordPress’ possibilities are virtually unlimited. An incredibly active community with volunteer members from around the globe develop new features and extend existing features at an amazing speed. Thanks to its revolutionary ease of use, and to its focus on web-standards, it quickly grew to be the worlds #1 Content Managements System. Currently, more than 30% of all websites worldwide run on WordPress.

Creating custom WordPress solutions is our specialty

Level Level is currently at the forefront where implementing custom WordPress platforms are concerned. We have specialized in creating bespoke WordPress themes. A WordPress theme is the visual shell; the website that a visitor sees on the screen. A WordPress theme is made up of multiple templates. For example, the home page uses a different template than a blog post or an FAQ item.

A plugin is an extension of the standard functionality of the CMS, for example the possibility to add forms or to apply additional SEO. Our developers always try to use high quality plugins that have proven themselves plenty of times. Whenever the right plugin is not available yet or the available ones won’t scale we’ll custom code the required functionality.

A WordPress Multisite Platform offers you a great balance between flexibility and structure

WordPress is ideal for managing multiple websites from one common environment: the so called WordPress Multisite Platform. A multisite platform is the way to go if you are maintaining multiple websites that cater for different languages. Or if you want to target several audiences, each with a separate website, and the basic features and look & feel can be similar for every website.

All websites within the multisite set-up can be managed and maintained as separate websites but under the hood the websites share the same codebase and logic. This is very useful as, for example, updates have to be completed only once for all websites within the multisite set-up. But above all it is very useful for your editors as they can manage all websites within one environment and they can reach all sites with one set of credentials.

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