Digital design

Digital design

We design outside-the-box concepts to ensure optimal user experiences for everyone.

An online look & feel that reflects the essence of your brand

Keeping the perspective of the end user in mind, we design clever and creative concepts that offer the best user experience for everyone, and on all devices. Our seasoned in-house digital designers know their trade. They master the art of translating your vision into an online look & feel that breathes the heart and soul of your company. And that immediately resonates with your ideal clients.

We aim to look beyond the latest web tactics and popular design trends. The websites we design, primarily stand out because they reflect the essence of your brand. And seamlessly tie into your visitors’ needs. So that you’ll achieve your online ambitions and reach your goals. We love making that happen!”

Andrée Lange

Buyer persona help with mapping out the deliberations of your most important customer groups

To achieve your online ambitions, you’ll need to ensure your website ties into the expectations of your most important target markets. We know from experience that developing so called “buyer persona” is really helpful. Step into the shoes of your most important customer groups, and you’ll be much more likely to start empathizing with them. And, believe it or not, your visitors will sense the difference.

“For this project, we went back to the drawing table. We embarked on an in-depth study into our target market. Who are they? What do they expect from Autotaalglas? How can we best help them out? To discover that, Level Level guided us in creating so called buyer persona. This resulted in a clear picture of the needs and aspirations of our our clients. And of what made them land on our site. These buyer persona led to several “damage claim flows”. For every single one of our buyer persona, we mapped out every step they would typically take from the moment they would become aware of windshield damage.“

Babette Hessels
Marketing en Communicatie coördinator van Autotaalglas

From buyer persona to a look & feel, and a final design

Describing what our process entails after we have defined buyer persona, is actually not all that easy. It comes down to a combination of your vision and goals, our expertise and several rounds of revisions until it feels just right. And to get to that point where it feels “just right”, we’ll actively involve you in the process. We’ll meet regularly, to update you, to show you what we came up with, to explain certain decisions, and to obtain feedback. After all, the end result needs to meet, or even better, exceed your expectations. To make that happen, it’s essential to connect on a regular basis.

Close collaboration between disciplines is essential

Apart from actively involving your team in the process, our designers will also partner up with our other in-house experts. After all, while it’s crucial that your website looks the part to connect with your audience, you’ll need more than just that. Your website will need to load quickly and render smoothly on all devices. Including devices that help people with (visual, motoric or other) restrictions navigate the web. Therefore, our designers will consult with our developers and our accessibility consultant whenever beneficial. And the good news is: we all thrive on cross pollination.

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