Digital design

Digital design

We design outside-the-box concepts to ensure optimal user experiences for everyone.

An online look & feel that reflects the essence of your brand

From the perspective of the end user, we design clever and creative concepts that offer the best user experience for everyone on all devices. Our in-house specialists know their trade, and are able to translate your vision into an online look & feel that breathes the heart and soul of your company. And immediately resonates with your ideal clients.

“We always strive to think beyond current web conventions or currently popular design aspects. To design outstanding websites that serve your visitors’ needs and at the same time help you to achieve your online goals and ambitions, is something we love to do.”

Andrée Lange

It all starts with defining your goals and ambitions

Together with the needs of the website’s visitors, your goals and ambitions serve as the basis for our design. Without a goal, oftentimes a clear vision about the online purpose of your brand misses. And such a vision is what is most important when you want to launch a new website or give your current website a boost.

If you have difficulties defining a vision, or translating your vision to an online ambition, we gladly help out. We have helped define online strategies for a variety of companies. If you’d like to learn more about this service, feel free to check out visit our page about Level Level as your strategic partner.

Buyer personas help to define your typical visitor

Your vision and online ambitions will be translated by our designers to a so called persona. This persona represents a typical user of your website: e.g. his/her typical character, profession, home-situation, online needs and experience. If your website targets several audiences, it might be necessary to draft more than one persona. And in some cases, it is essential to involve your website visitors in this process.

From a persona to a look & feel and a final design

It is actually quite difficult to put on paper what our process entails after we defined a persona. It comes down to a combination of our knowledge, experience, revising the design several times and just continue until we know it is perfect. To get to ‘perfect’, we will involve you, our client, throughout this whole process. There are several moments to discuss our choices and to provide us with your feedback. As in the end, the product needs to fit your expectations and needs and therefore your input is of utmost importance to us.

Close collaboration between disciplines is essential

Apart from involving you in the process actively, our designers will also partner up with our other in-house experts. After all, to impress your audience, it’s not only is crucial that your website looks the part, it will also need to run as smooth and fast as possible. Therefore, our designers will consult with our developers and accessibility experts whenever beneficial. And the good news is: we all thrive on cross pollination.

Want to give all of your visitors the best online experience possible?

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