Level Level & ISO 27001

Level Level & ISO 27001

Level Level is ISO 27001 certified

Information security has always been a top priority at Level Level. It’s in our DNA to continuously want to improve. Every year (often even every month), we sharpen our processes, agreements, and systems to optimally secure information. We knew our processes were well-organized, but we couldn’t yet adequately demonstrate and officially prove it. That’s why, over a year ago, we started the process for ISO 27001 certification.

What does ISO 27001 stand for?

A certificate for the international standard for information security, ISO 27001, proves that all risks related to the confidentiality and availability of sensitive information are adequately and integrally covered.

The standard is characterized by a process approach for planning, implementing, using, monitoring, evaluating, maintaining, and improving the Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Why is this important?

Privacy and security are fundamental requirements at Level Level. We deliver products and services that are safe and trustworthy. Moreover, we ensure that we handle our customers’ data and information safely. We were already doing this, but with an ISO certification, we can now officially guarantee and demonstrate it. We meet all requirements and have measures against information security risks. Collaborating with Level Level is always safe and trustworthy!

The path to certification was sometimes tough but has brought us so much more than just a certificate on the wall. We really see it as a step towards further growth and professionalization of our organization.

Taeke Reijenga

Walk the talk!

After an intensive year in which we documented all our business processes, conducted various risk analyses, and underwent a thorough (external) audit, we were proud to receive our certificate on April 2, 2022. And we are incredibly proud of it!

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